2015 Challenge: 18 Hole Golf Courses

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I’ve actually made some good progress this month! With the better weather on our side for most of the past four weeks, I’ve been getting out on the course and playing for real and feeling like I’m getting somewhere…

Out On The Golf Course

A couple of days after the last update on my progress, I went to play at Abergele Golf Club, the course that Luke has grown up on and knows like the back of his hand (he’s also held the course record there since 2002). Luke was convinced that I would not break 100 because my putting would let me down, but as I kept telling him, ‘You haven’t seen me putt, course I’ll beat 100!’.

I’m pretty happy with how I played on the day, all my tee shots were pretty straight and getting decent distance; I was striking the ball well. Everything I’d been practicing over the winter was there or thereabouts, I was just struggling a little with chipping on, it was a bit different being outside and working off feel for the distance rather than a number. Also, it was difficult to judge the greens having not been on a course for so long, so my putting did let me down a bit (hate proving other people right!) and I was 3 putting just through trying to control the outcome of the putt as it left the club face, or just decelerating before impact.

Going to the 17th tee, I had a gross of 90, so I did have a chance to beat 100, however, scoring a 5 on the par 3 17th and needing a birdie on the par 5 18th, it looked like my chance had slipped away. 103 was my final score and I was quite happy with that, although I thought I’d be disappointed. I know I cost myself a lot of shots on or around the green, so I really need to work on my putting. Sound familiar?

Here’s my card-

golf course, scorecard

Since playing Abergele, I’ve also played a few rounds on our course here at Llannerch. The first round was a similar story to Abergele, my putting let me down again and I also dropped a shot when I hit a ball in to the driving range. The second round, I played worse but scored better. Remember the infographic blog we did and how Luke talked about shifting your weight towards the target as you start your downswing? Well I was trying to incorporate this, which hadn’t been a problem before, but for some reason, I had started moving from the top of my swing diagonally down to my left leg. This resulted in collapsing my leg on impact and a totally inconsistent strike, but I didn’t feel like I was doing anything different to when I was striking the ball well (this is where it helps just having a quick swing check from a pro). Luke recognised the problem and I’m doing it a lot less now, but it’s still there.

My most recent round was a lot more positive and included a birdie and 3 pars and also hit a ball out of bounds. My putting was a LOT better and it was a much more consistent round. The course here is par 30 and the three rounds went 46-43-37, so I’m definitely going in the right direction and happier with my game. Let’s see how long it lasts before taking a step backwards again as golf seems to be like that!

I’m playing the Forest of Arden Golf Club in Birmingham at the end of May and may fit a round in at another local 18 hole course before then, so let’s see if I can beat 100 at one of those!

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  1. william murfitt May 6, 2015 at 2:44 pm

    Hi Steve, glad you are sticking at this challenge. the offer of a round at Pennant Park is always open.

    Keep focused mate, I read a book by Dr. Bob Rotella called the art of putting… helped me massively, as it put a lot of ideas in my head with regards to simplifying every putt.

    Best of luck and I look forward to the next instalment.


  2. Hi Will, thanks for that, I’ll take you up on a round before too long! Great idea getting in to the mindset of the putting, need to get rid of the thoughts that are telling me I’m going to miss :)
    Thanks for the encouragement mate, see you soon.

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