2015 Handicap Challenge: Half Year Resolutions

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So this month, in my challenge to become a single figure handicapper, it’s been all about the practice. I haven’t been out on the course at all, I’ve just been working on my swing path that was troubling me last month.

Golf Swing: Getting That Feeling


Because I thought I knew what I had to work on, I haven’t really been asking Luke much about how I’m getting on with working towards the goal. I’ve just been trying to get what I thought was a better swing. But after a couple of weeks practice, I wasn’t getting anywhere with it. In fact, I’d actually got further away from the objective, because I was still overthinking the swing and getting frustrated. When I did approach Luke and ask him to take a look, he noticed that I’d lost my way and confirmed that I had got further away from the end goal through not practicing the right things.

So we’ve now decided to set small, clear goals and make sure I have a ‘feeling’ to work on to help achieve this. I will only move on to the next goal when I’ve achieved the previous one, otherwise I’ll end up going round in circles looking for quick fixes and never achieving any of my goals.

So the first thought I need to work on is keeping the butt of the club pointing towards my stomach as I start my take away as I was flipping the club on the inside, and also opening the face of the club too much, which is the reason for my shots flying left and right. Losing control of the club face at the very start of my backswing always left me fighting for control at impact, resulting in one straight shot every ten, as my swing had to rely on perfect timing for a good straight shot.

It’s a simple movement and makes sure everything starts off working as one and gives me far greater control over the club face, which is the ultimate goal. All the things I’ve been thinking at this point as far as pulling the club round me and getting a swing that isn’t so steep have been too complex to get into a full speed swing. Just working with this one feeling should make it a lot easier to get used to.

V2 Swing App

Remember the apps we suggested a few weeks ago? Well the V2 swing app has really come in to its own this month, showing me exactly how bad my swing had become, when I thought I wasn’t far from a decent swing path, yet the ball was going everywhere. It’s amazing how much different your swing looks in reality, compared to how you think it looks! The feedback from the video helps me accept the feeling I’ve been given, as I can see the instant improvement on screen and practice with the confidence I’m heading in the right direction.

I suppose the main point here is that it’s all too easy to think that you are working on the right things and not feel like you need to get a lesson again until you’ve got it right. But in my case it’s clear that a few pointers and advice from Luke have got me back on track.

More next month!

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