2015 Handicap Challenge: Loving The Wedge!

golf course, north wales

Winter is nearly upon us and chances of getting out on the course in fair conditions are getting less and less, so I’ve been taking every¬†opportunity to play outdoors lately. A regular here at the range and also Captain of Pennant Park Golf Club, Will Murfitt, and myself have been trying to arrange a game for most of the summer; it finally happened last month, my first time at Pennant and a test of playing uneven lies!

Local Knowledge And Your Golf Game

Will is a keen golfer and has great home course knowledge, so he was able to point out the best landing zones to leave you in a good position for your next shot. Before starting the round, we talked about Pennant being a test of your course management, but I found it really difficult to take the sensible approach when Will knew all the shortcuts over trees to cut out doglegs etc.

It’s times like these when knowledge of a course is of a massive advantage, so I pulled out the big guns a bit too often really…

Remember those uneven lies I told you about? Well it seems like the ball was forever above or below my feet, I’m not used to situations like these, I’ve been too used to being spoilt by the flat conditions in the sim and the courses I’ve played so far! Pennant is a very hilly course, but it’s worth the walk to the highest point at the 14th tee, to see the views across the River Dee to the Wirral.

Overall, my short game was pretty good, my favourite club at the moment is a wedge, and I can hit it without having to think about it too much as long as I pick my landing zone out correctly. Anything below a 7 iron, I’m really overthinking the shot and the added pressure of an unfamiliar course and a lot of trees made it difficult to play a really consistent round.

A score hovering around a 100 (salvaged by my short game), is certainly something to improve on for my next visit and I’m definitely looking forward to playing again with improved course knowledge. Will has also offered to write a blog about his year of being Captain at Pennant, so you can look forward to reading that in the next few weeks.

My next scheduled round is playing in a charity day at another new course (to me), Rhuddlan. Gareth ‘The Doc’ Jones (remember him from #ParkGolfTV episode 2?) has entered myself. Luke and our simulator builder, Mark, and I’m looking forward to seeing how I play there with more even lies! I’m sure I’ll be able to fit in a few holes here and there before then though, along with more practice on the range!

While we’re on about challenges, have you seen Luke’s challenge of a 400yard drive? We’ll be tracking his progress over the next few weeks, subscribe to our YouTube channel¬†to see how he gets on with that!

The challenges continue…

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  1. william murfitt October 12, 2015 at 1:57 pm

    course management is key to succsess, I’m only just starting to realise this, and shooting a 78 sure helped my confidence, I guess much of this was down to having a relaxing round of golf and pointing Steve in the right direction…..
    This helped me to not worry about the pressures faced in golf by having a scorecard in my hand. I could see that Steve and Luke have been working hard to change areas of Steve’s game, Pennant is a tough course and you get penalised for being off line. Ball placement is key to good rounds, but being unfamiliar to the course will also unsettle any golfer.

    But with that said, I really enjoyed the round and there is room for improvement for our next meeting.

    Best of luck for Rhuddlan.

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