The Secret To ‘Cheating’ Your Way
To Better Golf Scores, Without
Breaking A Single Rule!

How a group of golfers in North Wales have changed their practice, so they can now play 
every shot without fear of the outcome… and enjoy consistently better rounds as a result.


Imagine yourself, just one month from now, with TEN TIMES more confidence on the golf course.

No more worries about embarrassing yourself on the tee.

No more feelings of uncertainty whenever there’s a hazard between you and the pin.

Rarely missing putts that you normally talk yourself out of.

This kind of improvement in such a short space of time- as well as the scores that follow- would probably lead anyone who didn’t witness your game first hand to believe you were cheating.

(And even when you’ve convinced them you’re playing by the rules, they won’t leave you alone until you tell them how you’ve suddenly managed to score so consistently well.)

If you’re like most amateur golfers- frustrated with the inconsistencies in your game and not being able to put a decent round together- the idea of getting there from where you are now… probably sounds impossible.

By making a few small tweaks to how you practice, you could find yourself brimming with confidence in any situation on the course- maybe in as little as four weeks or less..

Oh, and just to be clear- I’m not promising you’ll suddenly hit every shot like a tour pro, or in any way play levels above where you are now..

It’s not what this is about.

There’s plenty of ways the average club golfer can witness massive benefits in their game, just by switching up their practice to include-

-knowing exactly far they hit each club on average
-hitting balls from the typical lie they find themselves in most often
-spending time being creative with different clubs
-improving wedge play by using the ‘clock method’ to get a feel for various distances

And if you think you’re ‘not good enough’ for any of that to apply to you, then let’s have a look at the way you practice at the moment..

The biggest problem for club golfers?

In the last 16 years of seeing golfers come and go through the doors of the driving range, I think it’s probably fair to say we’ve got a pretty good idea of what most struggle with.

“If only I could play like that on the course”

“I don’t slice them on the range!”

“I’m ok when there’s no pressure on me”

Some of the most common replies I’ll get when I ask how a session on the range has gone..

It’s almost like everyone believes it’s the pressure of the scorecard recording every shot, that puts them off playing to their potential on course!

That might be true for some people, but certainly not for everyone.

It’s more likely that hitting balls on the driving range is giving you a false sense of security that you’re better than you are.

The mat is forgiving and you often get away with catching the ball heavy, because you never end up taking a big divot as you would on the course
You don’t have to worry about your alignment as the bays encourage you to stand square on.
Every ball is hit from a perfect lie and you’re never really penalised for hitting a bad shot
The distance you hit each ball is hard to judge, and also the distance a range ball travels can vary quite a bit from the ball you use on course

Then when you factor in that you might subconsciously allocate a cost to each ball, so probably only hit a full swing to get the most out of every shot..

You soon start to see how working on your game on the driving range alone isn’t enough to make you more consistent out on the course.

Don’t get me wrong, the driving range is great for many things, including keeping your swing going through the winter and in between rounds, a warm up before a round, working on your most recent lesson, or generally just being more accurate…

But if you really want to work on improving your game as well as being more consistent overall, then you need to take a slightly different approach to practice, one that-

-teaches you more about what you’re capable of
-allows you to commit to every shot without second-guessing your club choice
-left you feeling comfortable with whatever lie you’re faced with

In an attempt to help out golfers who find themselves being great at the range but ‘hit and miss’ on the course, I got an idea from a friend who owns a gym (But it has nothing to do with your fitness 😉 )

In the fitness industry, the tried and tested model that works for everyone, is one simple payment per month and you get to use all the facilities.

It makes sense after all- if you want to get fitter, stronger or lose weight, there are many different muscles and parts of the body you need to work on to get the results you want to see.

But if you apply that to how you work on improving your golf, chances are, most of your time is spent on the driving range- hitting ball after ball from a perfect lie- without giving much thought to how it can help you in the most common situations on the course.

To the point that you only hit shots that give you satisfaction, rather than the ones that will end up getting you results.

Now, you may or may not know, not only do we have a driving range on site, there’s also a 9 hole golf course with greens to rival many of the clubs in the area.. along with a simulator room that can accurately represent your ball flight to 99.9999999% accuracy.

The course can be used to plug the holes in your short game where your chipping or recovery game is lacking, as well as improving your putting stroke..

The simulator will teach you exactly how far you hit each club on average- meaning you will soon be able to commit to your club choice without any doubt whatsoever..

But we need to raise awareness of how effective both of these can be.

Not enough club golfers are making use of the course to lower their handicap-

Whether that’s through thinking it will be a bit ‘Mickey Mouse’ as it’s only a 9 holer, who knows?

I can assure you that’s not the case, and in fact, most are surprised at the high standards we maintain when they go round for the first time.

More people need to realise how much they can learn about their typical game when they use the simulator-

How many times have you found yourself stood on the tee not having a clue what club you need for that hole?

Maybe you try and gauge what others are using and use that help you decide..
Maybe you think back to when you have hit the ball a similar distance and what club you used then..
Maybe you just have a go to club that you know works ‘most of the time’..

For me, all of this amounts to guesswork- and that’s before you factor in the wind, the elevation, if there’s a hazard in play, etc. etc.

All of these considered, standing over your next shot not knowing if you’re going to send the ball in to the group ahead, or just come up miles too short and have to play a bunker shot, can leave you feeling pretty nervous.

Learning your distances on the simulator can take away most of the doubt and give you a ‘baseline’ setting to work with, whereas experience will tell you how much the other factors come into play.

So what if we operated more like a gym?

While a membership is pretty standard in a golf club, it’s not something you see being operated in a practice facility.

We want to change that.

Instead of paying to use either the driving range, course or simulator on every visit, let’s get the money sorted on the 1st of every month and give you unlimited access to work on the weakest part of your game..

-Unlimited driving range balls
-Unlimited rounds of golf
-1 hour per week on the simulator

What would that be worth to you?

The minimum spend on the driving range is £5 for 75 balls

A round of golf starts from £7 (18 holes is £10)

1 hour on the simulator is £10

Although we’re not all that expensive, if you were to make use of everything on a regular basis, it wouldn’t take too many visits for the cost to add up considerably..

So clearly someone has had a knock on the head when I came to the decision to make all the above available to you for only £30 per month..

At that price, you could even completely disregard everything I’ve said above about improving, and just make your practice cost less than you’re paying now!

There’s no hidden small print and you’re not tied in to any kind of long term contract. You can cancel after just one month if you find it’s not working for you- although you would have to wait a full 12 months before being able to join again.

However.. I‘m not sure why you would choose to cancel- when it’s costing you just £30 each month to leave your playing partners in awe of your new found confidence… as well as mentally crush the competition in the first few holes, due to your relentless ability to make at least par from any situation.

Sign up here

If you’ve found yourself everything I’ve talked about above sounds like the situation you find yourself in right now, or at least something close to it, and you want to become a member, here’s what happens next-

1. Click on the link below and you’ll be taken to our secure direct debit sign up form on GoCardless
2. Fill out your details making sure everything is 100% accurate
3. Once you receive an email saying your sign up has been successful, you will then have full membership access from the 1st of the following month.

That’s all you need to do.

Next time you visit the range, just make us aware that you’ve signed up and we’ll get you sorted with the process from that point forward.

Go here to sign up now

Not for you? Ok, no problem! Click the link below to be taken away from this page….

No thanks, I’m fine with spending more than £30 per month, yet continue to
feel frustrated on the golf course- it’s what my weekends are made for  :)