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The way we play golf hasn’t really changed much in recent times, but the equipment is always evolving to allow you to get more distance, more control of the ball or just go someway to make the game easier! Now we’re in the digital age, we’re seeing a lot of golf related apps popping up for smartphones. In this weeks blog, we look at our top 5, each for a different aspect of the game…

Top 5 Golf Apps

golf appsV1 Golf – Golf swing analysis

If you’re serious about improving your game, then this is the app for you. Used by amateurs, PGA Pros and Tour Pros alike, the V1 App lets you film your swing in super slo mo and also compare against a previous swing in your library. This allows you to look closely at changes or improvements you are trying to make.

The app itself also has Tour Pros available for you to download and compare your swing against. Luke uses this one a lot in teaching and it really helps people see where they are going wrong with certain actions. After all, your swing never looks how you picture it in your head does it?

golf appsGolf GPS & Scorecard - Distances & round analysis

Now we all know where the reference points are on our home course for 150 yds in etc. to help you choose the right club, there’s also plenty of Rangefinders and the like available on the market, but a reliable one usually costs £150+. With this app, you can have the same accuracy (if not better) and it’s absolutely FREE.

Knowing what you’re capable of with each club is essential to improve your game, the fact that it claims to work on any golf course in the world means that this app is a must. It’s certainly helped me out on the course after finding out so much about my yardages in the sim! There’s also some other great features on there, well worth having a look.

golf appsR&A Rules of Golf - Rules

I know there’s quite a few golfers who carry a rule book in their bag to be able to sort out any disagreements, but these go out of date and need replacing. Golf’s governing body has developed this app to be able to quickly sort out any situation and covers EVERY eventuality.

There’s a quick guide on there to be able to reference the more common situations, there’s a guide to the etiquette for those newer to the game and also a quiz to test yourself on the rules if that’s what your in to! It’s another free app and is ideal for speeding up play, sorting out a difference in opinion or getting one over on the golfing know-it-all at your club!

golf appsWGT Golf - Game

There’s plenty of times I’m sure you’d rather be playing golf. With this, the #1 free golf and top-rated 3D sports game, you’re never more than a few seconds away from the course. In terms of graphics, course variety and gameplay, this game is unrivalled. Multiplayer matches are available and it’s perfect for passing the time on long journeys or for playing when you just can’t get to the course for real! I must warn you though, it’s highly addictive!

Golf appsPark Golf – General all round greatness

I couldn’t do a blog about apps without mentioning our very own Park Golf app! We’ve had it since Nov 2014 and we’ve been doing a lot of work on it, always looking to add new features. You can book time on the simulator, upload your swing to Luke and get a personal analysis of it (and also book a lesson), and also take advantage of our loyalty cards on the course and simulator.

The most recent addition to it is our ‘Friday Freebie’ feature, where we send you free/reduced price stuff every week!. It’s another free app and the best way to keep up with what we’re doing here.

What’s your must have golfing app on your phone? Have you had a round or practice time where an app has quickly resolved your problem? Let us know in the comments section below or get in touch via our Facebook page.

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