How To Choose The Right Golf Ball

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When looking to get more out of their golf, most people either think that their equipment is holding them back, or perhaps they need a lesson or two. Few people take into account the structure of the ball they use.

There are two extremes; people either go for the first thing they pick out of their bag, or insist on Pro V1′s.

The Right Golf Ball For You

Playing with anything that you pull out of the bag is not an ideal way to play your best most consistent golf. Playing with the right golf ball for you is just as important as playing with the right clubs.

What do you look for when choosing a ball for your round?

Price doesn’t necessarily come in to it, or even what it says on the ball. How the ball reacts is determined by the skill level of the player. 

Get Fitted For The Right Golf Ball

With the introduction of modern launch monitors, it has never been easier to get fitted for a golf ball. Within a few minutes of trying a few different brands and types of ball construction you can find one that gives you better control around the greens, while at the same time increasing your distance off the tee. This is down to the fact that golf balls spin differently because of different strikes and launch angles.

Since the introduction of the Pro V1 and the way it’s been marketed, anybody that knows a little about golf wants to play with one because it’s the so called ‘best ball’ to use. But this is misleading, as it will only perform at it’s best if struck in a way that produces the optimum spin rate and launch conditions. So if you’re not hitting it like this, the ball will be doing your game more harm than good. 

How many times have you read or seen a video promising more yards off the tee, when one of the most simple ways is just finding the right ball?

It’s taken a long time to get people used to the idea of custom fit when they buy new clubs, and it will be the same with the ball fitting. Most people have the attitude that balls are all pretty much the same as long as they have a decent shine. This really isn’t true and once you have had your fitting you’ll be out there trying to convince you playing partners to do the same!

Using the correct ball is as important as using the correct clubs for your skill level. A player with a slower, less powerful swing, would not see the benefits of using irons with X Stiff shafts and a smaller sweet spot, in the same way that they would not get the distance or control using an unsuitable ball.

Types Of Golf Ball

There are five different types of ball, differentiated by how many different pieces make up their construction. These range from 1 piece to 5 piece.

▪       A 1 piece ball is the type of ball you would find at a Driving Range. These don’t tend to go as far, but are more durable than your average ball. The ball flight is still the same though, so they don’t hamper your practice or give a false shape to your shot. 

▪       A 2 piece ball is the most durable and designed for maximum distance, but usually at the expense of feel and control. They are virtually indestructible and give average golfers a much needed distance both through the air and on the ground. 

▪       A 3 piece is designed to try and offer more control around the green, but you lose a little distance. The cover on a three-piece golf ball is a soft, synthetic plastic, much softer than that on two-piece allowing better golfers to get more spin on the ball.

▪       A 4 piece ball is a ‘best of both worlds’ approach using the construction of the 2 and 3 piece ball. However, the benefits are only seen by better players and this comes at the expense of durability.

▪       A 5 piece is all of the above on steroids! But, as is the case with the 4 piece ball, only lower handicap golfers will see the benefits and these balls don’t perform at their best for long. 

Obviously these balls have their own niches within them, but there will be a type that suits you. Then you just need to find the ball with a feel you enjoy playing.

By spending just 30 minutes testing a few different balls and not changing the way you swing, you could see some real gains in your game.

If you want further advice on choosing the right golf ball for your game, speak to Luke or myself about it.

Testing Golf Balls In The Simulator

Luke decided to test out some golf balls in the simulator to share different results, watch his video here. You can also come and try this out for yourself.


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