Corporate Days: Fancy A Round Of Golf?

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If I mentioned the words ‘team building’ and ‘corporate days’, what does that bring to mind?

If it’s thoughts of David Brent from the Office, trying to unsuccessfully inject some of his misdirected and inappropriate humour in to the day; or images of pairing up with people who you wouldn’t normally give the time of day to, to do tasks that you’d rather not – then you’ve been going to the wrong days or you need to change your job!

Team Building Days

There’s a stigma and all kinds of corporate jargon attached to these days, but the thing is, they are generally as good as the group involved. Businesses focus on individuals doing their job to a certain standard and there’s plenty of people who have talents that their job doesn’t necessarily expose, so team building days give these people a chance to shine in other areas.

They also give a morale boost and allow people to form relationships with colleagues who they wouldn’t normally see on a day to day basis. It’s a well used phrase that if everyone pulls in the same direction, the goal will be achieved much quicker (sorry!)

There’s never been more choice of away days for businesses as activity and adventure companies realise the benefits and value of them. Whatever niche you can think of, chances are they offer a corporate day; so there’s no need for it to be a day of dragging your heels and switching off, as long as the group as a whole is happy with the event, then everyone can muck in and get something out of it, with the organising company benefitting from increased morale as a result.

Corporate Days For Valued Clients And Prospects

Another great use of a corporate day is to entertain prospective clients, if you can provide a fun, memorable day or a day that reinstates your core values as someone to work with.

As this is a blog on a golf website, I can’t write this without mentioning the benefits of holding a corporate day at such a venue…

Golf is the clichĂ© business sport, but aside from the stereotype of business deals being made on the golf course, it’s also a great game for exposing strengths and weaknesses in individuals. Areas such as -

  • Leadership: someone has to tee off first and this brings pressure to perform. A good leader will step up to the tee and hit their first shot regardless of the consequence. Whether it’s an arrow straight drive or a duffed shot, a good leader will just deal with the outcome,
  • Management: there can be many hazards on a golf course and sometimes a carefully selected route through them is required. There will be opportunities to go for glory at times, but if this involves crossing a water hazard and potentially losing a ball, then risk/reward and effective course management comes in to play,
  • How to come back from adversity: golf is a sport which is frustrating to learn and master, but it can be split up in to the number of holes you are playing in the game. If you have a bad hole and then carry on playing badly on the next hole because you are unable to forget about it and move on, this says a lot about the way you are in general.

There are many more, but this just gives you a taste of how a round of golf can highlight a person’s general outlook on life or behaviour.

If you’re looking to improve your team morale or entertain a client, then a corporate day or whatever else you may prefer to call it, could be the answer for you.

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