North Wales Golf Course and Driving Range

Driving range at nightThe Driving Range has 14 practice bays, all are under cover and the range is floodlit at night. Each bay has the latest all weather driving mat which provides a firm but natural feeling stance for you to practice with no distractions.

There are numerous targets to aim for in order to practice your short game and the range is 250 yards long, which allows you to open up that swing and get the driver out.

There are 2 teaching bays incorporated which provide privacy whilst the professional offers expert advice on your golfing swing.

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Golf Balls are available from the vending machine and start from as little as £5 for 75. Our loyalty cards provide up to 25% discount, so you really can get the most value for your money.

The range is equipped with…

logo[1]Many golfers believe that Power Tee is there just to save the golfer from bending over to tee up the next ball, this could not be further from the truth. Read on to see what Power Tee can do for your practice.

Easy to use

Power Tee is very easy to use. Simply pour the balls into the hopper and your first ball will be delivered onto the tee. Simply set the tee height using the lower button and off you go. Each time you strike the ball a new one will automatically be placed on the tee. Click here to see Power Tee in action.

Improve your Swing

Power Tee will help you improve your swing by allowing you to concentrate on hitting the ball with out having to break your grip to place a new ball on the tee.

Driving rangeBuild Confidence

As your swing improves you will see the ball’s flight improve with each shot building your confidence and increasing your enjoyment of the game.

Maintain Stance

Because the balls are replaced automatically, you do not need to move or break your grip. This allows you to make small adjustments to your stance and see the difference it makes to your swing and shot

Develop rhythm

Each new ball is replaced quickly at the perfect height allowing you to build up a rhythm and get into a really good groove. Try slowing your swing down and concentrating on rhythm rather than power, you may be surprised.

Swing grooving

people on the driving range Through uninterrupted repetition you can build muscle memory and build consistency into your golf swing.
This is particularly useful after lessons or when you have been working with your coach to change your swing.

It is widely recommended that no more than 10 shots be hit in a row before you break and setup again, trying to get back into the groove as quickly as possible. Speak to the Professional for more information on how to get the most out of your practice time.

The range is regularly mowed to simulate the fairway that you would expect in any quality golf club. This will allow run on the ball as you would expect elsewhere regardless of weather conditions. All sizes of clubs are available to hire at no cost!