Easter Activities For Kids In North Wales

easter activities, north wales

Well after a few weeks of serious golf blogs on how to improve your game and how I’m trying to improve mine, this one is for the kids…

With the Easter holidays just around the corner, we’re looking at how we can make golf more appealing to the younger generation and keep their interest. If like me you have children, the holidays is a time where we need to be encouraging youngsters to get outside and involved in some activities, enjoying the fresh air and getting rid of some of the endless energy they seem to have! If not for their health for your own sanity too, with the hope that it manages to hold off their bickering for a few hours at least! Read on to find out what we’re planning this Easter for children…

Golf: A Great Activity For Kids

As any golfer will tell you, golf is a great way to exercise without actually realising it, it’s no coincidence that Tiger Woods has been described as arguably the worlds greatest athlete! Although there may be more physical sports, when golf is played correctly and you coil up to build up power as you should, it really is a serious workout. I’ve been trying to get more distance out of my Driver lately and I’ll be honest with you, I’ve been really out of breath after just a few shots! Add to this the mental workout of holding your nerve over 18 holes and you start to see why there is so much respect for the levels of fitness now required to be at the top level.

So how do we instil in to our kids that there is more to life than an Xbox? Well, I think the best way of getting my children’s attention is with cartoons or the number one favourite, chocolate! So we’ve come up with a cunning plan…

Meet The Easter Bunny In North Wales!

Sunday 5th April is the day we’ll be opening those Easter eggs this year, and we’re lucky enough to be getting a visit from the Easter bunny! He’s going to be handing out FREE RANGE EGGS BALLS! and sweets to the kids. It’s the first time he’s been to the range, so we need a really good Easter turn out to encourage him to come back next year. There’s no extra charge, it’s just the usual trip to the range with a bit of extra fun for the kids!

Why not use it as your opportunity to introduce your children to the gentleman’s game? Golf is all about etiquette and testing your nerve, two skills which can serve you well in life! See you there!

Easter Egg Hunts And Activities

If you’re looking for other Easter activities in North Wales this year, check out the following websites:

Denbigh Castle: Just down the road from us Denbigh Castle has a castle quest for under 12s. The first 100 explorers to complete the quest will receive an Easter egg.

Rhuddlan Castle: Another castle, another egg hunt. The first 200 children to take part in a castle trail will receive a prize.

Bodelwyddan Castle: Instead of a trail Bodelwyddan Castle has an egg decorating activity on Good Friday, you can also try your hand at egg blowing too.

Prestatyn Easter Eggstravaganza: Saturday 4 April will be a fun packed day in Prestatyn with lots of Easter activities in the High Street.

Whatever you get up to over the Easter break have a great time, and why not burn off some of the that chocolate on the golf course?!

easter, north wales

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