Effective Driving Range practice

Driving range


Effective driving range practice-


If you’re serious about keeping your golf swing in check, then I’m pretty sure you’ll already be making regular trips to your local driving range. The thing is though, when you are there, are you focusing on the right parts of your game?

The club I see being used most often by mid to high handicap golfers is the Driver. You can’t beat that feeling of nailing the ball down the fairway, and the sound of the ball out the middle of the club face? Awesome. However, the club I see being used the least by the lower handicap golfers? You guessed it- Driver.

You see the scenario I described first of all very rarely happens. The Driver does not come out of the bag often enough to commit endless practice sessions to it. The putter comes out the bag around four times as much, yet very few players spend any time practicing with it- you can even do that in the lounge at home!

The best way you can make use of your time is to have a plan in mind. I’d suggest going through your bag as if you were playing your home course. Start on the first tee and then select your clubs based on the outcome of the last shot. So many people (I’m also guilty of this) tell me that they hit the ball better on the range than at the course- so the answer must be to put yourself as close to course conditions as possible!

Endlessly hitting balls with no thought to where they go may be good for stress relief, but that will soon come back when you come to play the course wondering where it all went wrong.

Another way that’s improved my short game is to practice with someone. Competition always makes it more exciting- I’ve found that just aiming at different targets with wedges has helped my game no end. Just a simple 10-15 minute practice at lunch time , two or more of you aiming at targets seeing who can land the closest or end up the closest also sets you up for the different conditions throughout the year depending on how soft or firm the ground is.

If you put some thought into your practice, the results on the course will soon follow.


What do you normally do when you practice? Are you guilty of smashing ball after ball with the Driver? Let us know your thoughts below…


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