While we try and cover everything in our website and elsewhere online, we do get quite a few of the same questions asked regularly. Here in our FAQ section we try and answer any questions you may have, however, if there’s anything we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email or call us on 01745 730805…..

Do you have a dress code?

No we don’t have a dress code as such, i.e . we don’t insist on golf shoes/spikes to play the course, but sensible footwear that is sympathetic to the greens is preferred. Normal shoes/trainers are fine.

Do you hire clubs?

Yes we have clubs to suit all ages and sizes, left and right handed. There are half sets available for the course FREE of charge, we also have individual clubs available for the driving range, also free of charge. Woods are available to hire at £2 per club.

Do you sell equipment? 

Yes we have everything available for you to play a round. Balls, tees and other accessories, as well as our stock of the 2016 range of TaylorMade clubs. We can kit you out fully.

Are you open on Bank Holidays?

Yes. The only day we close completely is Christmas Day. We are open 9.30am until 9.00pm throughout the summer. Check here for our winter hours.

When is a quieter time to play the course for beginners/children?

As we’re a pay and play facility, it’s difficult to guarantee a quieter time, but around dinner time, early afternoon and either side of school holidays tend to be more favourable for those wanting to avoid the queues.

What’s the youngest age children are allowed on the course?

If accompanied by an adult, there is no age restriction for children. For our really young golfers, we have a route on the course to give them a taste of real golf yet avoiding the really long holes.  For any children wishing to go around the course without an adult, all we ask is that they are well behaved and show respect for the course, other golfers and also the safety of each other.

Do you need a handicap to play the course?

No. We want to make golf enjoyable and accessible to everybody, so we don’t have a strict selection policy as to who can play the course, or stifling rules, we just try to observe the general golfing etiquette (listed on the back of your scorecard).

Is the driving range open at night?

Yes, the driving range is both floodlit and undercover, so you can practice regardless of the weather conditions or time of day.

Do you hold competitions?

A ‘Saturday roll up’ is something we’ll be doing in the very near future.

Do you hold childrens birthday parties?

Yes , we do hold childrens parties, we have a footgolf and driving range package which has been very popular- we even provide invitations for you, you can download them here…  parkgolf-birthday-invitations

Call us on 01745730805 if you’d like more info on this.

Do you do golf lessons?

Yes, our pro Jason Shufflebotham is available to give either individual or group lessons.

Do you have refreshments available?

Yes we do have a selection of hot and cold drinks on site, as well as sweets, crisps and chocolate.

Do you accept cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards.