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Footgolf has arrived at North Wales Golf Course & Driving Range!

There’s a new craze among golfers and footballers alike and it comes through combining the two sports. Footgolf has been around since around 2009 in it’s current form and is played in the same way as golf, except using a football and the appropriate size holes. It’s attracted a whole new market to the golf course and is a serious amount of fun. We introduced the game to our course here in Trefnant in July 2016 and it has been VERY popular with both adults and kids alike- you can read some of the reviews on our Facebook page

The footgolf course utilises the fairways of the golf course but different tees and greens. Both sports can be played at the same time, but we don’t open the footgolf course until 12.30pm, so the purist golfers that play the course can get a round in the conditions they are accustomed to. However, both golfers and footgolfers can enjoy the course until 9pm in the evening.





9 holes footgolf –

Adult – £7

12 and under – £5

18 holes footgolf –

Adult – £10

12 and under – £7.50

(prices include ball hire)


Fancy playing footgolf and golf? No Problem!

We have a package deal for 9 holes of footgolf, 9 holes of regular golf and 20 balls on the driving range for only £12!


It’s also a great activity for both stag parties and birthday parties alike. Get in touch for us to arrange a package just for you..

We’ll even provide the invitations, get yours by downloading them here- birthday invitations


Footgolfers do it with bigger balls!