Getting Into Golf When Your Over 65

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65. That’s the official age for retirement in the UK. After years of routine and the hustle and bustle of your working life, what are you supposed to do with the extra hours that retirement frees up? Paint the shed, organise the garage, do all the things that you’ve been putting off for years… but then what?

Super Seniors Taking Up Golf!

This is the time that most people think about taking up a hobby, after all, there’s only so long you can suffer going on shopping trips with your other half! But what can you do? What is there that will tick all your boxes as far as taking up enough time, keeping you fit and your mind active, while also be challenging enough to give you something new to try and master?

Well, this is where we introduce golf. It’s a sport that can be played by any age and enjoyed by all. But the beauty of playing when you’re retired is the¬†flexibility of¬†playing any time of the week: tee time dependant.

They say there’s no time like the present, well look at the time of year we’re in- the kids have gone back to school and the holidaymakers have gone home, it’s your time to get out on the pay and play courses, and find out if golf really is for you. Avoid the busy times, play at your own pace and enjoy the game for the relaxing sport it is known as!

OK, I know it can be more frustrating than relaxing a lot of the time, but that’s the nature of the game that keeps us coming back for more every week. You don’t even have to tough out the winter conditions for months on end any more. Over the years, I’ve had countless people ask me jokingly, ‘When are you getting the heated bays?’ Well it’s now become a reality with the increase in popularity of golf simulators! You can play 18 holes in whatever weather you choose (sunny obviously!), without the restriction of winter clothing or ‘preferred lies’ holding you back. With the accuracy levels we now enjoy with these systems, there’s so much you can learn and apply to your real, outdoor golf, that you really can be a much better player by the time the season kicks off again in March!

Older and Wiser

At the higher levels, just like most sports, golf is very athletic; but it’s generally only the sporting elite that can find the correct timing to really make the most of all the necessary muscles in their body to get the maximum out of their equipment. Most people really do just TRY TOO HARD! Trying to get more distance out of the ball by using brute force alone leads to over-swinging the club and upsetting the timing, the path of the club and also puts the golfer off balance. This is where being older and wiser is actually an advantage, because you’re not trying to tear the shell off the golf ball every time you hit it! You’re more likely to hit the ball within your ability, leading to a straighter, more consistent swing and ball path.

As they say in golf- ‘Drive for show, putt for dough!’

In our blog a few weeks ago, we discussed the health benefits of staying active in to your retirement, but as well as that, the vets calendar is very busy and you’d be spoilt for choice with events and competitions to play in; while enjoying the social side with new formed friendships. If you miss the responsibility of your previous job, why not get involved and get yourself on a committee if you’d really like to make a difference within your chosen club?

Hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought here, to see if golf could be the sport for you. Why not pop down to your local golf club or driving range and try it out? I can guarantee you’ll find someone willing to help you out, who understands the position you’re in, and give you whatever help you need while you try out the game. Good luck!

Those of you in the St Asaph area know where to come!

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