Is Your Club A Good Fit?


With the season about to start and the Masters just around the corner, this week we’re looking at the benefits of golf club fitting and the sacrifices you make by having an ill fitted club. There’s more options than ever these days and they are there for you to take advantage of and get the club that’s right for your game, but it’s overlooked by so many. Luke tells us why…

The Pros Of Custom Golf Club Fitting

The majority of golfers play with clubs that are completely unsuited to their swing and game in general. For many players, it is of little concern if the clubs they are using aren’t quite right, as they don’t fully understand how much they are hampering themselves; simply blaming poor swing mechanics or are of the belief that they have nothing to gain by getting a correctly fitted club.

If you looked through the average club members bag, you will often find a Driver with an X Stiff shaft and low loft (around 9 degrees), requiring a swing speed of 110mph plus to hit it efficiently, belonging to a golfer with a swing speed of around 85mph. But the player will blame a poor driving round and a lack of distance on themselves and not the ill suited club. Technology in golf has come on a lot in the last 15 years and it really is there to help! However, the average handicap hasn’t come down despite the larger headed drivers and the golf balls travelling further. One of the reasons for this is that people don’t take advantage of the technology available and spend money on the wrong equipment.

Golf Club Shafts

There is a lot more to a golf shaft than just it’s flex, but it’s not something most people are aware of. There are shafts that are designed to launch the ball on high/mid/low trajectory, yet few know what they have in their current driver or fairway woods. Have you ever considered the reason you struggle to get out of a greenside bunker effectively is not necessarily down to lack of skill, but simply the ‘bounce’ of your sand/lob wedge isn’t enough and is reducing your chances of a successful shot. The average golfer needs around 10 degrees of bounce to stop the club digging into the sand, but you see many with it as low as 4 degrees, which makes life a lot tougher (do you know what the bounce is on your wedges? It’ll be stamped on the head somewhere). Even with the putter, there is so much to be gained with a correct fitting, it is the most used club in the bag after all…

GC2 Launch Monitor

As you can see, there are many options for club fitting and it’s never been easier or more accurately done with the launch monitors that are available at some clubs these days. We have seen some massive gains for golfers here at the range, as they are able to see what the optimum club is for them. Within seconds of the club striking the ball, the information is accurately relayed back and we can see which set up gives the best dispersion and distance according to each player. It really is easily done, the information on screen speaks for itself. Golfers are becoming more educated about the game and this can only be a good thing.

golf club, custom fitting

Have you ever had a fitting? It’s there for everybody to take advantage of, even high handicappers who are of the opinion that they’re not good enough – especially them! If you only start with one club, it will improve your scores and you will see the benefits of having a club that works in harmony with your swing.

Golf is your sport, you play it because of the enjoyment you get out of it when things are going well. They can go well more often if you get as many of the factors in your favour as possible.

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