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With the colder weather approaching and the summer golf season behind us, now is the time to start looking to how we can improve our golf and be even better for next year.

Improve Your Golf During The Winter Months

At this time of year the ‘fair weather’ golfers put their clubs away until next March rather than face the elements, but these days you can keep your game sharp and still play, without having to face the cold and wet weather. In this blog we’re going to discuss the most effective ways to move your game on and even make your winter league a lot more enjoyable.

We’ve said it before but we need to stress again, when you know exactly how far you hit each club (and by this we mean carry, which is how far the ball goes through the air rather than total distance before it stops) then you can plan your way around a course with much more accuracy. When you play regularly, it’s tough to find time to practice and get a feel for each club individually, whatever the the time of year.

In spring and summer, you spend as much time as possible getting out on the course, taking advantage of lighter nights and making the most of your club membership; throughout the winter, those that do play are pretty much restricted to a weekend and playing in a competition.

By spending time at the driving range, going through the bag and seeing how the different conditions- i.e. colder air and softer ground, as well as extra layers of clothing, affect the flight, travel and overall performance of your ball and swing, you will find you shoot much lower scores and be more confident with your club selection and course management. If you see a hazard in your line to the green, take it out of play and reduce your chances of going in there by selecting a club that will carry you out of trouble, OR select a club to lay up with and avoid ending up in the hazard altogether.

You often hear golfers say that a course plays longer in the winter, but you can use this to your advantage; while your golfing buddies are finding their ball plugging or not running on like they’re used to, by clubbing up accordingly you will knock shots off your score due to your extra knowledge of your game. With our simulator here at the range you can be even more accurate with your distances, as well as play in a warm environment. It’s great for trying out new things and experimenting with different clubs as it gives you two figures for the distance your ball travels – carry and total distance. Make sure you’re familiar with your carry distance, it’s the one that will be the most consistent.

If you don’t normally play at all through the winter, then the simulator is great for keeping your eye in and having a social round with friends, it’s also much better than putting your clubs away through the winter and then trying to recover your form. We have a host of championship courses to play and a few different scoring systems, and you can actually putt believe it or not!

However seriously you take your golf there are many options for you to consider at your local practice facility.  Whether they encourage you to play non stop instead of putting your clubs away, or simply allow you to get more enjoyment (and results) from your winter league, either is a better option than not playing at all.

Remember though, practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect!

What do you normally do for winter practice? Do you play at all? Will you do anything different after reading this blog? Let us know by commenting below or via our Facebook page

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