August Handicap Challenge Update: Swing Path

swing path

August has been a really great month of golf for me in pursuit of my single figure handicap. I’ve been getting to grips with shallowing out my swing and achieving a more ‘in to out’ swing path. For a better understanding of what this means, Luke explains it in this video:

Swing Path

I’m striking my irons much better and also chipping and putting well, but I’m really being let down by my Driver! It’s usually the case that either one or the other is going well, but I have got really inconsistent with my Drives and definitely look forward to my second shot rather than my tee shot. Again, it comes down to my swing being too steep, but I do find it easier to control the swing with my irons. More work needed this month!

I’ve been out on the course a few times this month as well, both our course here at Llannerch and also Abergele Golf Club; along with my first visit to Pwllglas Golf Club, which was very enjoyable.

At Pwllglas I made up a four ball consisting of Luke, Ian Evans, one of our more frequent visitors to the range, and his son Alun. The course was in great condition and well worth a visit.

Obviously with Autumn now upon us, there’s not a lot of decent days left in the year to be getting out on the course, but I’ll be making the most of improving my swing and fitting in 9 or 18 holes when I can.

Just a short summary of this month, but there’s been no major developments and it’s just been a case of improving on what I’ve been working on for what feels like an age now! Golf is a game of highs and lows and I have to say, I’m really enjoying getting out there at the moment, so I’m obviously heading in the right direction, for now at least…

How’s your summer been? Share your highs and lows below.

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