Hit The Golf Ball Lower In The Wind


How to hit the ball lower in the wind

How does your setup change in windy conditions?

Lots of golfers put the ball further back in their stance when it’s windy, believing that a steeper face on impact will make the ball travel lower and less prone to the wind. However, they are puzzled when the ball just seems to peak and hang in the air for a while before coming down short. If you’re looking to hit the ball lower to avoid an over hanging branch or other hazard in calm conditions, then this doesn’t matter so much; if you’re looking to hit the ball lower in the wind, then it’s a different approach. In this video, I explain why you shouldn’t do this and how to address the ball properly in these conditions; therefore hitting it much more efficiently. 


Does it make more sense now? It’s only when you get on a launch monitor such as the GC2 that you can really get to understand your numbers and exactly how you are manipulating the ball by making changes with your swing or club face. This is why they are invaluable to your game and used by more and more people all the time, due to their accuracy.

Practice, practice, practice…

Practice this and let me know how you get on. If there’s anything you’d like to suggest I do a Pro Spot on, just comment below or get in touch via our Facebook page or Twitter I’d love to hear from you….

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