How to get more power in your golf swing


 ‘It’s all in the hips’

When you see a pro golfer hit a ball 300 yards straight down the line, you assume that it’s down to brute force and strength- just like cricket and hockey. In fact, most people that I see hit the ball for the first time take this approach, using entirely upper body strength.

Do you remember your first golf lesson- in fact, have you ever had a golf lesson? After getting shown the basic grip and stance, which all feels completely alien, the pro would have told you about coiling up like a spring to generate the power but this is something you soon forget, as you are trying to adjust to the unique technique of golf.

So let me ask you this- can you see your club head out of your left at the top of your swing? If you can answer yes to this then the chances are that no matter what your set up looks like, you’re just not setting yourself up to strike the ball efficiently. If you want more power and distance, you’re going to have to concentrate more on your technique than on just how hard you feel you can hit the ball.

Remember the coiling effect mentioned earlier? Well as I’m sure you know, this is where you’re using your entire body to build up power with your hips turned at 45 degrees to your feet and then your shoulders turned another 45 degrees with your weight predominantly on your right hand side. In this position you won’t be able to get the club far enough back to see out of your eye without shifting your weight on to your left leg and losing all the power.

Next time you’re out playing or practicing, get a mate to film you hitting what feels like a half swing- I guarantee you will hit the ball further and more consistently, but you will be swinging the club back much further than you think, but more like where the top of your swing should be.

I once saw a body builder trying to teach himself how to play, because he thought his strength would be perfect for getting max distance, when in fact he tore his stomach muscles with his awful technique.

Don’t be this guy- Shorten your swing!


What are your thoughts on this? Did you struggle with the same thing when you started playing golf? Maybe you still do.. Let us know in the comments below..


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