Video: How To Play Bunker Shots

bunker shots

Following on from last week’s British Open at St. Andrews, and the brutal bunkers they have in play, in this week’s blog we show you the correct way to play a bunker shot and why you don’t need to be scared of playing it.

Bunker Shots Made Easy!

For me, one of the key faults that causes golfers to fear bunker shots is the way they approach the shot. For years, advice has been passed down from generation to generation, suggesting that you should hit a certain amount behind the ball. This means the shot is played in a very complicated way and is only going to end up producing an inconsistent result. You can’t control distance from the bunker by trying to take more or less sand depending on how far you have to the pin position.

Get Your Set Up Right

Again, like all shots in golf, everything starts with right set up; once you have a good bunker shot set up, you will then be in a position to swing the club correctly. It is impossible to play a high, soft landing bunker shot, if the way you are standing to the ball is encouraging a different angle of attack in to the ball. A bunker shot is one of the easiest shots around the green and takes little effort to get the ball out. If you follow the advice from this video, you’ll soon be a bunker master!

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