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golf posture

Following on from Steve’s blog post last week about getting the most out of your winter practice, this is most effective when you have the key elements of your swing in place. This week we are talking about golf posture; difference between good and bad, and how you can start getting into a much more athletic position. All of which will help you hit the ball further with more control.

Why Improve Your Golf Posture?

If you’re serious about improving your golf, one of the first things you should think about, before even thinking about the swing mechanics, is whether you’re in a position to swing the club in the correct way. Your posture is hugely important and very influential on how you swing, but is a part of the game that is given very little attention. When watching golfers on the range or on the course, you can instantly spot the better players simply by observing their posture and the way they address the ball.

 As a coach, I find the question I get asked most often is ‘How can I hit my Driver further?’, with people expecting a secret swing tip, without realising incorrect posture restricts your power sources. Have a look at the image below:

golf posture

As you can see, the set up on the left is the most common you will see, and is a great example of a golfer restricting their power source. I’ve bent purely from the shoulders to give the rounded appearance; this impairs me being able to turn, which I will discuss in more detail in the video at the end. The set up on the right is what you should be striving for and the biggest difference is that you are bent from the waist, allowing you to turn much more freely. 

Surprisingly, the image on the left is what feels comfortable to most golfers, despite how awkward it looks. But for me to replicate this, it was very uncomfortable and very unnatural.

Whenever I’m teaching and trying to get someone into better posture, they always comment that it feels alien, but when they see themselves back on camera, they realise that they instantly look in a position and find they can hit better shots too. 

Tips For Improving Your Golf Posture

In the following video I’ll demonstrate in more detail:

So, how is your posture? Why not get someone to take a picture of you and compare it to the images shown to see which one you resemble. It’s surprising how you actually look compared to how you think you look in your minds eye. 

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