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golf swing

In this week’s Pro Spot with our pro Luke Murray, he takes a look at the anatomy of the golf swing and the forces in play during your round. Luke talks through how to maximise the power you generate from your body throughout your swing, hopefully highlighting a few factors you may not have considered before.

Golf Swing Infographic

I came across this infographic from Lumen Interactive, breaking down the golf swing into 5 key components. Have a look and then read on for what my thoughts on improving your swing:

golf swing

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Although it’s a simplified view of the anatomy of the swing, this kind of graphic might make you feel that to hit the perfect shot you have execute all elements perfectly. Instead, let’s use this as a reference point and talk about one of the most important and overlooked parts of the swing.

The key thing to take away from our animated golfer is how much the hips drive towards the target from the start of the downswing. Most golfers are always looking for the magic cure for their slice but don’t realise how important this hip movement is and end up concentrating on the wrong feeling or wrong part of the swing. Just this simple lateral movement of the hips sets your downswing on a better path (more inside), and also into a more powerful position. 

Take a look at the smaller graphics on the left hand side. The one at impact shows that all of the golfer’s weight is on his left hand side, which results in a powerful position. If you look further down, you will see that after impact his arms are extending down towards the target. This is all as a consequence of his weight being shifted to drive through impact for maximum power, instead of staying static on the right hand side and swinging with just the arms.

If you don’t notice much difference in distance between your clubs, then you are most likely just using the power from your arms to hit your shots and getting no help from the rest of your body. The harder and faster you try to swing, the more you will just use your arms. Watch the swing again, but this time just his legs and you will see how active they are during the downswing. If you can work on getting your legs more involved on your downswing, then increased distance won’t be your only gain; there will be a knock on effect through your entire swing pattern.

If you study the relationship between the swing pattern and the corresponding body movements, and gain a better understanding of the swing and how it works as a result, then you are already on the road to better golf.

Got any questions? Luke’s always happy to share tips and advice either at the course, here on our blog or on our Facebook page. Leave your questions in the comments below:

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