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In this week’s blog, I’m talking about basic putting technique. Except for the rare chip in, or even rarer hole in one, most players will use a putter on all 18 holes on the course, yet few golfers spend enough time practicing with it.

Basic Putting Technique 

Only last weekend during the US Open at Chambers Bay, we saw Dustin Johnson miss out on the win and also a play off, eventually finishing second after three putting the 18th in the final round. Not the level us mere mortals are at, but it stresses the point!

There’s a lot more to using a putter than you might think; a few different styles of club to choose from as well as reading the green for different breaks and pace, but in this video I’m concentrating on just the set up and putting stroke.

Not only is it the least practiced shot, it’s also the best opportunity for keeping your score lower. It’s one of the few shots you can safely practice indoors, using a putting mat.

Try out the tips we’ve given you and let us know how you get on.

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