Improve Your Swing…Again!

golf swing

Do you slice or hook? Most golfers generally have one of two swing faults, causing the ball to slice to the right or hook to the left. This fault isn’t highlighted so much on the shorter irons, but is exaggerated by longer irons and the Driver.

This leads to golfers trying to compensate for the shot and end up with completely inconsistent swing through not working on the right areas.

Video: Golf Swing Faults

In the following videos, I explain both types of swing and ¬†what causes them. Let us know which one you are in the comments below and if the videos help you understand where you’re going wrong…

Why do you slice the ball?

And here’s why you might be hooking the ball..

If you would like any help with a particular issue with your golf game, why not leave a comment below and we’ll address it in another video?

You can see more videos from Llannerch Park Golf here.

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