Iron play basics

iron play basics

 Iron play basics- set up and adjusting your angle of attack

We’re changing how we put out content from this month onwards, with each month having a theme and going from the basics to the more complex aspects throughout the month. This month the theme is ‘iron play’. We have a couple of videos in this blog for week 1, first looking at basic setup and then we’ll be looking at Angle of Attack. I’ll let Luke continue-


 If we are looking to improve our iron play and gain more consistency, then the first thing we have to fix- and this is the easy part- is producing the right set up each and every time. A lot of players are always looking to improve their swing, but don’t realise that the way they set up influences and stops them achieving the swing they are looking for. If you’re bored of reading swing tip after swing tip and finding that you never improve, then you need to get back to basics, because that’s the key to better golf and better iron play. You first of all need to understand the importance of ball position and how it changes depending on which club and the type of shot you are looking to play. Then you have to learn how your hands sit in relation to ahead or behind the ball- then it’s on to alignment, which is the most overlooked part of golf. There is no quick fix, but if you start getting these factors right consistently, you are guaranteed to start playing better golf.



The second video is on angle of attack- Angle of attack is the point in your swing arc that the club faces strikes the ball, shots hit on your downswing will have a negative number of degrees, while shots hit on the upswing will have a positive number. Now the only way to possibly measure this is by using a GC2 or another type of launch monitor that gives accurate club head measurements. We need to be producing the correct angle of attack for several reasons, which help us to control strike/spin/trajectory/distance. Many players hit both thin and fat shots and don’t realise this is generally from the same fault. A fun and productive way to try and improve your angle of attack is booking some time on a launch monitor, but first you have to understand the key to achieving it. Our sternum plays a big part in allowing us to strike to ball properly, if it is behind the ball as we attempt to swing the club down, we are likely to do one of two things and that is either a thin or fat shot. Understanding this point should give you a clearer picture of how the body should move as we swing the club through the ball. If you watch the video closely you will see the effect my sternum has on the swing and its importance to how we will strike the ball. Try it out yourself and see how much difference you can make by adjusting at what point in your swing you strike the ball- shots hit off the ground should have a negative attack angle in order to maximise the trajectory.



Try out these tips next time you practice and let us know how you get on, you can leave a comment below, join in the conversation over in our Facebook group or tweet us

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