Meet Our New Greenkeeper!

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Improving our golf course here in North Wales and providing great facilities for all the various people who either use the course regularly or visit when in the area, is an important priority for us. We decided earlier in the year that if we wanted to move forward and provide the quality we aspire to, it would be necessary to employ a greenkeeper.

New Improvements To Our North Wales Golf Course

Myself and Steve Snr have maintained the course ourselves for the last 11 years, but when you combine this with all the other roles required to run the business, you end up spreading yourself a little too thin.

greenkeeper, golf course, north walesWe’ve been extremely lucky to secure the services of Peter Taverner, who was in his last position of Head Greenkeeper for 12 years, with 20 years experience in total. Peter has come to us for a new challenge and to help us continue to provide a quality premises to play golf. We had a chat to discuss his plans for the course and how he became a greenkeeper:

Steve: Hi Peter, thanks for taking time away from the course to do this, why not start with how you got in to the job of being a greenkeeper in the first place?

Peter: I almost fell in to it by accident really. I was drafted in to the position at the age of 19 and found it was something I really enjoyed, as I love outdoor life in general. You get a lot of job satisfaction from greenkeeping and it’s a pleasure to see a well manicured golf course, so in 20 years I’ve never looked back.

What do you hope to bring to us here at the range?

Well after being in a similar position to yourself and on skeletal staff for so long, I look forward to a new challenge and being part of a team that is going to provide facilities of a really high standard. I’m really motivated and enthusiastic to get things done.

Will you be making any changes to the course?

As we’ve discussed, we will be looking at getting away from artificial tees and moving to grass tees in the near future; there’s bunkers and water features that need finishing off, we’re starting on those straight away. But the most important part of any course is quality greens. While the greens at the moment look ok on the surface and have good rooting, we need to get rid of the thatch to enable them to be healthier and drain properly. Obviously this is something that was more difficult to keep on top of with the previous manpower. We also need to look at doing more work on the drainage to make the course playable for longer in the year.

Yes, there is plenty to do isn’t there! So what sort of golfer do you have in mind when you’re setting up the course?

In the short time I’ve been here, I can see that the course attracts a wide variety of golfers and also a range of groups from families with children, beginners, societies and those who are in the twilight of their game, up to club members wanting to practice their short game; so I need to bear all this in mind when considering the difficulty of any hazards. We don’t want to put people off the game, but it also needs to be challenging enough to be enjoyable. I also want to provide a consistency to the course so people know exactly what they’re going to get every time they come to play.

Do you play golf?

Well as you know, I have a young family, so it’s difficult to find the time these days, but I play enough to know what a golfer wants out of their round and the standards expected.

Thanks Peter, I look forward to the future and working with you.

In the short time Peter has been with us, he has already got the course out of winter mode and looking a lot better. It took a lot of consideration to decide to get a greenkeeper, but looking at the results achieved already, it was definitely the right decision.

Are there any changes to the course you would like to see? Leave a comment in the box below or on our Facebook page and we’ll see what we can do, your feedback is really important to us.

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  1. Richard Butler April 25, 2015 at 8:28 am

    Well Done.

    Look forward to playing it with Noushi my grand daughter as soon as we can

  2. You’re in for a treat, Rich! See you soon.

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