My 2015 Golf Challenge: Practice (or lack of)

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It’s been very busy here at the range this past month, getting ready for Easter and getting out of winter mode. We’ve made a few changes as to how we operate here (more on that soon), but unfortunately it’s meant that I’ve not been able to spend as much time on my golf as I’d like to.

What it has made me realise though, is how much work I need to put in to this challenge to have a hope of getting in to single figures…

Golf: Setting Yourself Targets

It’s a good thing having this blog to write now I’ve set this target, because the weeks seem to be flying by this year. I sat down to write this and thought, ‘What have I learnt this month?’.

I have had a few lessons, and in each one things were going well and I was striking the ball quite nicely, but then I’ve not been doing enough practice in between. So I’ve been going from lesson to lesson, trying to remember what I’d been told previously, as well as learning what to work on next. This approach isn’t too bad when you’ve got a professional there with you to point out where you’re going wrong, but when he’s not there to fall back on, I’m trying to play well and force the outcome all the time.

At the same time, I’ve been remembering other things to add to my swing that Luke has taught me, and this has led to multiple swing thoughts and a really inconsistent outcome. When everything comes together, I have been striking the ball well and got that really satisfying feel of the ball coming off the face nicely; but more often than not the thoughts when I’ve been setting up to the ball have been more like, ‘I wonder how this one is going to go’, ‘So what is it I need to do again?’ or even, ‘What the hell am I doing???’

The Importance of Practicing Your Golf

I do have a lot to learn, and this last month we have been working more on keeping the weight on the inside of my right knee, my grip, rotating my shoulders more to keep my swing a little flatter, pushing to the left as I’m about to start from the top of my backswing; and I’m trying to remember all this and put it together in the time it takes to hit the ball. Not going to happen without practice is it?? So I need to make a conscious effort to put time aside daily and make it easier for myself, rather than just trying to cram everything in and hope it works out.

A lot of people have said to me that they’ve been playing for X amount of years and still not managed a single handicap, so it’s about time I gave this challenge the respect it deserves.

I’m going to make sure I can write a more positive blog on my single handicap goal next month, I’m looking forward to the weather improving and hoping to get out playing a few of the local 18 hole courses. That will be a test of my course management skills and what I’ve learnt so far, and I can make life a lot easier for myself by practicing what I’ve been taught, so it becomes more natural; rather than just wandering out on the course and hoping for the best. It all comes down to the preparation after all….

More next month!

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