Myth Busting! Golf Myths Debunked

golf myths

This week we’re going to be dispelling a few common golf myths that we hear on the driving range and golf course, from well meaning, more experienced golfers trying to help out their not so experienced friends. How many of these have you heard?

Golf Myth 1: Keep your left arm straight

Keeping your left arm straight is what you may get told to get rid of a cricket or hockey style swing, and while it’s true that you should keep your left arm a lot straighter than your right throughout the backswing, keeping it rigidly straight is not the key towards creating the optimum swing.

If you have too much strain in your left arm at the top of the swing, you’ll lose the ability to shift your weight effectively and in doing so, the right arm will straighten too soon on the downswing. So in essence, the left arm being too rigid throughout the back swing means the right arm will be too rigid as you strike the ball.

If you can keep your left arm straight without straining, it will add power, but if you can’t, a little bending at the elbow is fine. By allowing your elbow to flex, your body will rotate more and the release through the downswing will be much smoother.

Golf Myth 2: “When I buy a driver with an s flex shaft, I know I’m getting a stiff shaft”

When looking to purchase a new driver, one of the first things a golfer will do is look at the shaft to see what flex it has written on it, whether its X-S-R, OR L for ladies, assuming that all shafts and manufacturers conform to the same scale. This is far from accurate as the flex of shaft varies from company to company, so a stiff in one brand would be very different to a stiff in another.

You should never discount a club just by looking at the flex, this is why most club golfers are out there playing with the wrong driver. I’m sure you would all of played with someone who likes to boast of using a a low lofted driver with an x stiff shaft but barely gets the ball in the air.

If you really want to get the best from the money your investing in any new club, and also to gain a better understanding of why this myth is so wrong, make sure you get yourself properly fitted; where you hit a variety of shafts and flexes to find the perfect fit for your game.

Golf Myth 3: You have to be hitting it great to score great

If you think that you are hitting the ball poorly so you can’t shoot a good score, you will never progress very far with your game. It’s this mindset that encourages a lot of golfers to pound ball after ball with their Driver and long irons, yet neglect their short game. When the day comes that they are hitting the ball well, they don’t get the most out of it because chipping and putting aren’t up to scratch.

If you correctly analyse your round, you would notice between the good and bad rounds that your long game stats don’t change much, but your putting stats would. The short game really is where it counts!

Last but by no means least in this instalment, the king of golf myths - Keep your head down!

Every golfer at some point has been given this classic advice. It is a completely unnatural thing to try and do; and is also one of the causes of the fault people think it helps fix. By keeping you head down, you completely restrict your lower body, your upper body cannot rotate correctly which leads to your hands becoming very active (flippy) which leads to the dreaded topped shot, severe lack of power and also inconsistency.

In this video, Luke explains more and demonstrates this for you:

What classic myths do you hear on the course or the range that are just simply not true? Comment below or get in touch via our Facebook page

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