Finding Love On The Golf Course

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Here at North Wales Golf Range And Golf Course our thoughts have turned to Valentines Day. Time is running out to book a table for an intimate dinner, buy a card or order some flowers! While the golf course might not seem like the ideal location for a date, it is a very social place and what better way to spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest?

In all seriousness, golf is a great social activity and whilst I wouldn’t suggest you take up golf to meet the partner of your dreams, if you want a sport that gives you a workout and some personal interaction: golf is a great choice!

Social Benefits Of Golf

Perhaps one of the main reasons golf has gained in popularity is because we’re all social creatures and a few hours on the golf course gives us a chance to set the world to rights, whilst enjoying some activity. This is even more true if you walk the course, rather than riding in buggies. Whether you want to catch up with friends, build business relationships, spend time with your kids or other loved ones, a round of golf is a great social alternative to many other sports: and you can always squeeze in some refreshments at the end!

For those people who’ve just retired, moved to a new area or experienced any other life-changing milestone, the golf course can be a good place to meet people. If you’re new to golf why not book a few lessons at a local course and get your confidence up? Many clubs and courses have social golf teams, where the focus is on enjoying this aspect of the sport rather than the competitive nature of it – although winning a tournament is a great way of bonding with others!

Falling In Love With Golf

Of course, you can play golf by yourself, which means that if friends or family are busy you can still get out on the course or spend some time on a driving range perfecting your swing. Many newbies get the golfing bug by first building their confidence on the driving range or using a golf simulator, and this can be the start of a life long love of the sport.

So if you’re looking for a novel idea for Valentines Day, perhaps even proposing at the 9th hole; or want to find an activity you can enjoy together; or are looking for a new sport to get passionate about; we would highly recommend a round of golf! If you are local to us in North Wales, why not pop in and find out what we have available or call 01745 730805 and book your date!

Alternatively, Golf Today has a comprehensive list of golf courses including those in Denbighshire.

We would love to hear from couples who enjoy a round of golf together, did you meet on the golf course? Share your thoughts on social golf with us on our Facebook page.

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