The BEST and SIMPLEST Golf tips…

The BEST and SIMPLEST Golf Tips

There’s really no need to over-complicate the golf swing..


First blog in a couple of months, so we thought it best be packed with actionable golf tips THAT WORK

These videos have kinda been born out of frustration from Luke really- he said he knew we could make a series of videos that would really help people improve, just by showing the movement of the body during the golf swing. This comes after years of seeing people working on minor details on the driving range and really getting nowhere. We talk about the idea behind the series here…



So as you can see- ‘The road to better golf is understanding your swing’


Are you ready for the BEST and SIMPLEST Golf Tips then?

Watch this- no clubs needed!

 Stage 1- Understanding the rotation


It look so easy when the pro’s do it! 

Film yourself from side on and see how close you look to the positions Luke demonstrates. Are you suffering from the outcomes he describes? Practice the rotation shown and then move on to the next stage….


Stage 2 – Bump and Rotate

Ok, you can get a club to practice this one, but not to hit a ball… This tip shows you the correct way to start an effective downswing involving more of your body than just your arms and shoulders to generate the power. Give it a go linking the two stages together.


Stage 3 – Build up the rotation


So now you have the two stages, it’s just a case of putting it all together, starting with a small turn and building it up to a full rotation- and that’s it! 


So, do you think these really are the BEST and SIMPLEST Golf Tips? Let us know how you get on with it all and if it makes it easier to understand where you’re going wrong; I know I’ve got plenty to work on!


As usual, comment below to give us your thoughts and if you’d like to speak further about improving your golf, you can get in touch via our Facebook page

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  3. Really helpful to have these videos. I watch them again and again to help me get the movement right.

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  6. Superb instruction again and again. Carry on with these and Luke be out of a job.

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  8. Really helpful people and great videos.

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