What To Buy A Golfer For Christmas

golf presents

With December nearly upon us, Christmas preparation is in full swing amongst some eager shoppers (not me, that’s what Christmas Eve is for ;) ), so we thought we’d suggest some ideas for golf addicts, from a token gift up to the extreme…

Presents For Golf Addicts

Under £10-

golf presentsTwo great ideas from Iwantoneofthose.com

Everyone that loves golf loves chocolate, it’s a well known fact! So these chocolate golf balls are a nice little treat to go in someones stocking… 

golf presentsThis golf drinking game is sure to keep the entertainment going strong over the festive period, just try and get the ball in the hole in the way your selected card describes. It looks a lot of fun, but remember- DRINK RESPONSIBLY KIDS!


Under £50-

golf presentsIf you’d like something a bit more unique, then these personalised golf balls are a novel way to send a message at Christmas. They’ve got all sorts of brands to choose from and you can have pretty much anything you want printed! They’ve got all nice soppy messages featured on the site, but I’m sure you could get a bit more creative if you wanted to give your playing partners something to make them smile…

golf presentsEven in todays digital era, printed magazine subscriptions are still going strong, but Today’s Golfer has the best of both worlds – for under £50 you can have both the digital and printed versions of their magazine, delivered to your door and tablet every month. Get the latest news in the golf world!


Under £200 -

Self folding golf trolley? It may be a bit gimmicky, and you still have to push it yourself, but it’s still pretty cool…

golf presents

A course of golf lessons. Every golfer needs lessons, so you won’t go far wrong buying a course of lessons for the frustrated golfer. See your local pro, or if you’re in the area, pop in and have a chat with Luke, he’ll put together a package to suit your needs/budget. Simple!

 The ultimate gift -

This Garia golf buggy is as pimped as it gets. At $52,000 you’d expect it to be!

“Garia and Mansory have collaborated to build the Garia Mansory Edition, an ultimate luxury supercar customization for golf and recreational purposes. With the Mansory edition you can travel in style”

It’s can be fully customized to your taste and is also available in road legal form- some of these golf shot do go a bit wayward at times after all! 

golf presents

If you’re local to us and need a gift for the golfer in your life, we have gift vouchers available for absolutely anything we sell, from a £5 voucher for Driving Range balls; time on the sim; or a round on the course; through to vouchers towards a new club purchase; right up to a yearly season ticket for the course; or a bespoke package just for you. Just let us know how we can help!

Got any great ideas on your Christmas list? Share what you’re hoping Santa will bring using the comments below!

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  1. Nice ideas here Steve, especially the ultimate gift “Garia Golf Buggy”!

  2. Thanks Andrew, have a great Christmas!

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