What to do when you can’t hit your Driver straight



Struggling to hit your Driver straight? Try this…




That’s the solution. I see so many golfers complaining that they can’t hit the Driver straight, thinking that the problem is unique to the one club.


“I’m not so bad with my irons, but my Driver is all over the place.”


I hear this a lot. What people don’t tend to realise is that their swing doesn’t change that much from club to club; if you have a swing fault it will generally be there with every club, it’s just the longer clubs amplify the problem more.

The key to better golf is starting off small. As I’ve already mentioned, the best thing you can do when you have a swing fault that just gets you in to trouble the further you’re hitting the ball, is to put the Driver away and just practice with a mid iron. A 7 iron would be perfect. Get a friend to video your swing and then compare it with a golfer with a good, solid, consistent swing. You’ll soon see the difference.


The most common problem for an amateur player is coming ‘over the top’ of the ball, with an out to in swing path. This can be caused by a few different things, too many to go into for now, but the key with all of them is to address the fault starting small with an iron.Once you have your swing sorted on a 7 iron, you’ll naturally take it to the longer clubs and your overall game. All that will be changing is your setup. Watch this video and see how Luke talks about starting off small.




Try it out next time you practice and let us know how you get on..

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, I will practice my swing with the 7 iron and see if mastering that improves my drives. Starting to get frustrated but hopefully this can help me. Cheers

  2. Interesting. I can hit every other club in the bag straight, up to and including my fairway wood, both off the fairway and the tee. The driver always goes so far right that I usually end up playing my second from the middle of the fairway of the hole going in the opposite direction, (happily for me – ? – our golf club features longer holes with parallel fairways). I’m using a new Lynx driver with a graphite shaft but it is so ‘costly’ in terms of lost distance that I am thinking of retiring it in favour of my fairway wood and just accepting the (theoretical) loss of yardage in exchange for a very long and often tricky second from the fairway of the hole I am supposed to be playing. Should I be using a conventional steel shaft on my driver perhaps?

  3. 1 man hit it arrow straight everytime..nobody listens to these and most dont know who he is..then they listen to all these pros at their local course that dont hit it straight..so they have this fade or so called nice draw..so at address be full stretch with your arm straight with the shaft.it then becomes impossible to slice because you cant come over the top..this is the reason people find the 7 iron the easiest to hit..at address the shaft is straight with your right arm..so make every club you hold the same..”keep it simple stupid”.he also said.”most important 4 inches of golf..between the ears”.stop swinging through the course..swing through the course..the man was moe norman straightest ever..so says tiger woods faldo nicklaus all of them in fact..dont listen to anyone else that cannot for the life of them hit it straight .that would be stupid .so says i.listen to moe the only way to play golf.coz thats the only way to hit it straight…proof is in the pudding.thats why the standard of golf is terrible.everyone stands there all wrong with their hands under their chin.

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