How To Avoid Playing Winter Golf!

winter golf

With the climate in the UK now getting a bit cooler, many golfers look to travel abroad to combine a week or two of holidaying along with trying out the many golf courses on offer.¬†With countries like Cyprus having a year round Mediterranean climate, it’s not to difficult to completely avoid playing winter golf, 365 days of the year!

Winter Golf In Sunny Climes: Golf Holidays 

My wife and I recently went to Portugal on holiday, near the Salgados Golf Club, so I used the opportunity to find out more about playing golf there…

(Apologies for the sound quality, we hadn’t packed a microphone!)

So as you can see, the two guys I spoke to there were taking advantage of the sun in Portugal, before returning to the not so welcoming temperatures of Inverness. The main takeaway for me was that playing in Portugal (in this case) is a lot like playing in the UK – but warmer – so there’s no need to worry about how you will handle different conditions. If you’re worried about managing the temperatures (after the summer we’ve just had in the UK) there’s a refreshments buggy making regular trips around the course, so you’re never far fom being rehydrated.

Should you take your own golf clubs?

It’s easier (and cheaper) to hire clubs when you’re out there, rather than take your own and incur the extra freight charges – and also worry about how they will treat them in the airport! As soon as we were off the plane and had collected our luggage, even before we left the airport, there was a shop advertising that they hired out clubs and with all top name brands available. It really does take a lot of the hassle out of the travelling.

Salgados was a stunning golf course and if that’s an indication of what European golf has to offer us then I’m already planning my trip for next year!

Do you play abroad? Is it a regular trip? Do you play the same course or travel around? It would be great to hear from you and let people, who are yet to venture on a golfing holiday, know how easy and enjoyable it is!

Please leave a comment below and let us know about your trips, or if you have any questions, a more experienced traveller may be able to help you out…

If you can’t get away during the winter months, there are still opportunities to improve your game in the warm and dry. Driving ranges offer you a place to shelter and practise your swing, or a golf simulator allows you to play a round out of the seasonal weather.

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