Why youtube is making your golf worse

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 Why YouTube is making your golf worse


One of the biggest mistakes I see golfers making, is putting into practice the lessons they have learned from YouTube


Now I want to be clear in what I say now, because I’m not saying that the Golf Professionals who make the videos don’t know what they’re talking about- they definitely do – it’s just the problem is that the person watching the videos tends to misinterpret the information provided.


I often see golfers making very bizarre movements on the range but when I ask them what they’re doing, they’ll give me an explanation which clearly displays that they have misunderstood the video they watched- hence the strange swing. But in their mind, the only thing to do is stick with it, because the video where they were shown ‘how to stop slicing’ actually worked a treat, as now Joe Bloggs is definitely not slicing it any more. But he also can’t hit the ball with any consistency either!


This sort of learning normally ties you up in knots, with an end result that just doesn’t look pretty. Golf is all about getting from A to B and counting how many shots it takes in the process. Unfortunately it’s a very complex game with many variables- add to that the emotional rollercoaster a round produces and all of a sudden this magic move you found online has made you look like a complete novice, where you’re suddenly back to square one. On to the search engines we go, repeat process.


What we actually need in golf is CLARITY, not some find it lose it quick fix. You need assurances that what you’re doing is correct. Not guesswork. Once you get this clarity- whether you sought advice, got lucky on youtube, or just work on general ailments ensuring fundementals are good- this is the path to improvement. Doing the same thing over and over builds patterns, allowing you to figure where you can improve, giving you more clarity on what you need to work on. The golf swing lasts roughly around 1.5 seconds, so if your wondering why you can’t master pulling the handle down at the top, while clearing the hips as fast as possible, before remembering to keep the handle in front of impact while letting the hnadle exit left through the hit- it’s probably because you’re over cluttering the brain.


By all means, watch the videos, but in order for you to improve, you need to be watching and applying those which are relevant to you. To find out which videos these are, first you have to do the research to see where your fault lies. Video yourself and analyse what you’re doing compared to a golfer of a higher standard – the pro’s on Youtube will normally refer to what they are trying to fix before giving you the solution.


Once you’ve found out your particular problem, that’s when you can start doing some research and come up with a plan. Otherwise, you may as well get your excuses ready for your friends, when it comes to explaining how you can’t hit the ball in the ocean from 2 feet!


Techniques that just aren’t going to work with the type of swing or swing fault that you have can end up making yourself worse in the long run. By the time you get a lesson with a pro who will work on your specific swing, the road to better golf will be much longer.


In order to help you out here, we are in the process of putting together an online course of videos, specific to different problems, for you to refer to, as well as give tips to improve your game overall, from pre shot routine, to finding the middle of the face more often as well as tips and drills to help your short game. It’s not designed for every video to suit you, just in the same way a dictionary is not a book to be read cover to cover, but as a quick reference for practice tips and sorting the most common swing faults.




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3 Responses to “Why youtube is making your golf worse”

  1. As with everything in life skill has to be learned, practised and developed through experience- walking, running etc.
    Skill (the golf swing) is no different, however much of what goes on in golf practice results in negative experiences and consequently a new and different method is applied which inevitably results in further negative experiences and so it goes on ( hamster and wheel come to mind)
    For many years it was believed that practice made perfect. However, Sports psychologist will tell you that perfect practice makes permanent. This, however, is only possible if you have the knowledge and understanding of both the motor, perceptual and decision making requirements of the skill and how many of us have that?
    There is no doubt, that the trained eye and knowledge of the local pro is the only way forward in developing a sound and repeatable golf swing, through a programme tailored for you and in respect of your own personal strengths and weaknesses.
    There are no short cuts to achieving great golf but its a much shorter and reliable journey if you employ the services of your club pro.
    If you want to hit balls for the hell of it, stick with it, but if your serious about improving your golf, Shuff`s your man.

  2. Great tips on golf. Young coaches must follow these if they wish to make a grand mark in the golf arena and of course, winning will happen as you say!

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