Get The Most Out Of Your Golf During The Winter Months

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We’re now in mid-February and the start of the golfing season is nearly under way. How prepared are you? Have you made the most of our limited golfing time during the winter or have you not picked up a club since last October? Do you look at the better players and wonder how they manage to keep to a consistently high standard? Well, I am afraid it comes down to the 5 P’s.

  1. Proper
  2. Preparation 
  3. Prevents
  4. Poor
  5. Performance

In this weeks blog, we’re looking at ways to keep on top of your golf in the off season, when the weather and daylight are against you. There are many ways to do this and a lot of them don’t even require a golf ball. Some of them don’t even need a club! The thought process of having to hit lots of golf balls to get better at the game is one of the main reasons people don’t improve. For starters, your grip has to be right as it is the only connection between you and the club, yet so many golfers get it wrong. But this is something that you can practice while sat watching TV.

If we analysed our games correctly we would see that our poor scores are not caused by a lack of distance off the tee, but by taking too many shots in and around the green, yet the club that gets used the most is the driver when it’s actually the club that we use least in a round of golf. This is where we can make the most of our garden or hallways. By putting a small target or chipping net in your garden and spending 5/10 minutes trying to land the ball in it from different positions and different lies, you will help improve your feel and also really build your confidence.

For those of you who do venture out to make use of practice facilities, why not use the driving range to simulate a round of golf at your own course? This method certainly helped Nick Faldo at the 1992 British Open in Muirfield, when he used the exact same strategy while on the practice ground just before his winning final round.

Another great way to really keep on top of your game through the winter months has to be practising on the simulators that are gaining more and more popularity lately. You can really get some in depth knowledge of your game; finding out your abilities with each club and ironing out your weaknesses. At the end of the day though, doing something is better than doing nothing, it’s no coincidence that you play your best golf at the end of the year when your swing is finally in the groove. So get in shape before the start of the season and play better golf for longer.

How have you prepared for this season? What kind of practice helps keep your game sharp? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below or by sharing on our Facebook page.

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